Contract Underwriting

Contract underwriting has become one of the most efficient ways to find top-quality underwriting staff. Your company pays one base fee per hour, and the IUS underwriter is contracted as though hired by your company. They are highly experienced brokerage underwriters who understand the internal and external agents, and can underwrite from their home to complete any type of underwriting service your company requires. IUS keeps track of PTO for vacations and illnesses, health insurance, 401K, and any benefit offered by IUS. The contractors mold themselves to your company time, culture, philosophy, principles, and compliance.

Underwriting qualities:
  • Consistently provide sound objective judgement in underwriting decisions
  • Know and follow established underwriting guidelines for company mortality
  • Use the utmost confidentiality in dealing with client and company information
  • Be updated and compliant with state legislation and regulations
  • Take underwriting action based on facts and not bias
  • Act responsibly for the dignity and reputation of the company represented
  • Communicate with a high level of knowledge/expertise with your agents


Read what our clients have to say:

“ I was in need of additional underwriters and IUS provided the perfect solution. Their underwriters are highly skilled, experienced, efficient and professional. They were able to assimilate my company’s underwriting guidelines and philosophy in a very short period of time and immediately made a positive impact. I highly recommend IUS contract underwriters to any company that is in need of acquiring additional staff. ” –B.O. 

“ When we decided to expand our Customer Service/New Business Call Center hours, we researched many avenues regarding our staffing needs. From the start, IUS impressed us with their knowledge and helpful, professional approach. IUS generated the results we were looking for by providing candidates that were experienced and customer service focused. We needed a quick and effective solution and partnering with IUS allowed us to quickly expand our Service Centers.” –S.M. and D.D. 

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